Installing from source

ARC Graphical Clients uses the following external packages:

  • ARC Middleware development libraries (2.x or 3.x).
    • nordugrid-arc-devel
    • nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus (runtime)
    • nordugrid-arc-plugins-needed (runtime)
    • globus-* packages (will be pulled in from dependencies)
  • Qt4 user interface library including 
  • Qt-Webkit components

Unpacking source

Untar the source package in a suitable location:

$ tar xvzf arc-gui-clients-0.x.y-Source.tar.gz
$ cd arc-gui-clients-0.x.y-Source

Configure build

Next the package must be configured using cmake. A convenience script, configure, is provided to make it easier. The option --prefix can be given to configure the installation location. 

$ ./configure
$ cd builddir
$ cmake ..

This should produce the following output if cmake found all neccesary libraries:

-- Found Glib
-- Found SigC++
-- Found Glibmm
-- Using local installed ARC version.
-- ARC Version 2 found.
-- Found Arc 2
-- ARC libraries = /usr/lib/
-- ARC includes = /usr/include
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/jonas/Development/arc-gui-clients/builddir


We are now ready to build the package using make.

[ 0%] Generating ui_helpwindow.h
[ 0%] Generating __/common/moc_arcproxy-utils-functions.cxx


The package can now be installed by running make as root.

make install


The clients will be installed in the application menu under the "Internet" category. The binaries are:

  • arcproxy-ui - Graphical client for generating proxy certificate.
  • arccert-ui - Graphical client for converting certificates.
  • arcsub-ui - Graphical Job manager for creating sets of jobs.
  • arcstat-ui - Graphical Job monitoring tool. 

Platform notes

Building on OpenSUSE:

To build ARC and the ARC client with full gsiftp support requires globus-packages, which are available in the following repo:

Next, ARC has to be built from source. Packages can be found here:

To build ARC succesfully issue the following commands:

cd nordugrid-arc-X.Y.Z
export LIBS=-lglobus_gssapi_gsi
make install
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